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Do you want to have nice, smooth legs without any hair? Or maybe you have some problems with hormones and that is why you have unwanted hairness on your face, hands or anywhere else? We have great opportunity which will completely change your foregoing life! Voksing is in other words... waxing! We offer the best voksing - Oslo is our hometown and here we opened a place which is totally for you! You can change your life here - we can change your life, your look, your general sensation and your self-assessment! No more hair on your face, no more hair on your legs, no more hair anywhere - you don"t have to shave yourself everyday! Waxing is one of the best methods to get rid of body hair - maybe it is not the most pleasant treatment but it definitely works! If you are ready to make your life better, to change your appearance, to straighten up your self-confidence - don"t waste your time and choose voksing. Oslo is waiting for you!

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